Here's how you set up your neso tent

Neso Beach Tent FAQ’s

Product Dimensions

  1. Neso Beach Tent (80" x 80")

  2. Carrying bag (19.5").  Fits in a carry-on suitcase!

  3. 2 poles (66" length)

  4. 4 anchor bags


General Assembly

 Tips: Stabilizing in Windy Conditions

  1. Position the poles so that the wind is flowing directly under the beach tent.  Wind from North, position poles on North corners of tent.

  2. The anchor bags should be as heavy as possible. 

  3. Dig a small hole to brace the sandbags.

  4. Ensure fabric is completely stretched and taut in "X" formation.

  5. Angle the poles slightly to brace the force of the wind.

  6. Bury base of the poles a couple inches.

The beach tent requires tension with the stretched fabric pushing down on the poles.  Once the poles are up, the beach tent should be extremely taut and the anchor bags should be well secured in place.

Pole Positioning

The beauty of the Neso Beach Tent is that you can customize the position of your poles to:

a) optimize your amount of shade,
b) optimize your view, and
c) withstand windy conditions.

Here are a few suggested pole layouts.

  1. Place both poles on the same edge of the beach tent.

  2. Place each pole on corners across from each other creating a diagonal pattern.

  3. Try more than 2 poles to create more height to the beach tent.


Washing Instructions

Machine wash cold or hand wash.  Tumble dry low or hang dry.  No iron, no bleach.


Countries We Ship To

Neso Tents ships world-wide. You can get our beach tent shipped anywhere in the U.S., Australia, Bahamas, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Mexico, and most any other Country you may live.


Return Policy

We accept returns of unopened products.  There is a 20% restocking fee.  Please contact us with any questions at