Lightweight, stakeless sunshade.

Lightweight, stakeless sunshade.

Neso Beach Tent

Neso Tents makes a beach tent that offers shade and shelter from the sun, is easy to set up, simple in design, but high in innovation. With our stakeless beach tent, you can use sand, rocks, or other ground-cover to anchor the corner bags to block out the sun with your very own sun shade. Stores in a small convienent lightweight carrying bag weighing only 3.92 lbs.


Fill anchors with natural resources such as sand or rocks.

Water Resistant Beach Tent

Our beach tent is made of high quality lycra-blend water resistant material.


Our Neso beach tent maximizes sun shade, optimize views, protect against the elements.

UPF 50+

Blocks 98% of the UV radiation from the sun.

Neso Beach Tent

Reinforced Corners

Increased durability for extreme outdoor conditions.

4 Piece Pole Construction

Two poles, each with four equal segments for easy portability.

Lightweight Beach Tent Materials

Neso beach tent weighs only 3.92 lbs.

Neso Carrying Bag

Fit Neso Tent and poles in a convenient lightweight carrying bag.

Our Neso Tents co-founder has always enjoyed the beach and outdoor activities, and as a melanoma survivor, he wanted to make sure his family can enjoy the beach while staying safe from the dangers of too much sun.

You can also use a Neso Beach Tent at your childs' sports activities, having a picnic, camping, relaxing out in your backyard, or any other outdoor activity you can think of where you need shelter from the sun.

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